Controlled Cultivation

Controlled Cultivation : Weather forecast observation, phytosanitary count and measures for ecology.


To control quality also means protect nature.

Controlled cultivation has become a priority at the « Château PINERAIE » because a healthy and pure environment is the key for a serene and lasting future.


Phytosanitary treatment according to the parasitical pressure estimated on a weekly count.


Grape harvests in green and thin out the leaves are performed according to the production and needs of the grape


The grapevine speaks and one should listen to it! Its maintenance of the grapevine is based on constant observation of its state. The slightest deficiency shows on the leaf. That's how it tells us its slightest feelings of faintness so that we can treat it.


• Maintenance of the soil: grass on 30 % of the vineyard, mechanical work of the soil.
• Before planting, analysis of soil and if necessary correction with organic amendments.
Controlled use of phytosanitary products: prescription, doses, frequency, condition for application and name of user.
Ecology measures: grass in the alleys, recycling of tanks.




Use of water gun with automatic stop.
Cleaner's use on high pressure and hot water.
Processing Station of effluents for used waters and rejection on of washing and with a sand filter.

Water Management in the cellar thanks to the count of consumptions. Besides, we have an entirely modern and tiled installation which allows us to save water.

Recycling of waste (cardboards, bottles, plastics).


Hygiene of cellars with strict controls.
• HACCP METHOD (Hasard analysis critical control point): identify the risk step by step of the process.
• Security of the staff with the competitive equipment.



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