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Our vineyard has the originality to contain into its 50 hectares all the types of soil that makes the Cahors. On the terraces of the Lot, the vineyard is made of subsoil composed of old alluvium and limestone plateau with clay and marl.

Composed of 85% of Malbec and 15% of Merlot, the vine stocks of the Pineraie are on the 2nd and 3rd terraces and on the limestone plateau. A dozen hectares are placed on the commune of Lacapelle Cabannac. The lower parts of the vineyard are clay while the higher parts are clay, limestone and hard flint.


Yield is set for each patch to get ripe and healthy grape, thus getting the best from the land.


We especially care about the quality control, that's why we chose Controlled Cultivation.
Pesticides are applied according to a weekly statistical parasite count and wheather forecast.


Thinking about the quality means protecting nature and the health and the security of people.

One Vineyard , 4 AOC CAHORS wines

La cuvée des Dames is from the younger vine stock, 85% of Malbec and 15% of Merlot. The whole harvest of the Domaine Pierre sèche is hand sorted.

Le Malbec du Château pineraie, is obviously 100 % Malbec, harvested on the limestone plateau. It is aged 12 months in oak barrels. 

Le Château Pineraie is made of 85% Malbec and 15% Merlot, this wine contains all the specificity of the Cahors. It is aged in order to obtain soft tannin, with a productivity of about 4.500 liters per hectare. It is harvested on the third terrace.


L'Authentique du Château Pineraie. Already an unmissable classic in terms of quality. This 100% malbec comes from 5 ha of very old vine stocks from 1920 on the 3rd terrasses, gravelly and siliceous.


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