The wine making


All the grapes, harvested either by man or machine, are hand sorted.

Each plot is processed separately for the best results.


During the fermentation and maceration, the daily tasting allows us to measure the necessary amount of watering in order to get the best of the grapes whilst keeping a perfect balance.


The vats are thermo-regulated with the help of cooling apparatus. It allows to control at will the temperature of fermentation.


This equipment allows to extend the vatting time with good conditions, keeping the temperature between 28 to 30 C. The aim is to better the extraction of the polyphenols and to produce fleshy wines.


If necessary, the watering is enhanced with a puncher, it allows to burst the cap to avoid the creation of a single trajectory for the juice during the watering. That also allows for the juice to become impregnated more easily with polyphenols and flavours contained into the skin of the grape.

Our cellar is highly efficient. it is fully air conditionned for a better storage of the wines.


La cuvée des Dames is vinified in stainless steel tanks for 10 to 12 days.

The vatting is shorter with a controlled temperature between 25 and 28 °C to keep the fruits' flavour and the specificity of the Cahors and our grape-variety: malbec. This wine is bottled directly because it comes from the youngest grapes of the vineyard. We think that the wood could add a taste too strong and it might hide its fruity taste (80 000 bottles).


Le Malbec Pineraie has the same process as Câteau Pineraie. The duration of the fermentation is long on very healthy grapes harvested at good maturity for a maceration of higher temperatures and still controlled to extract the best all the best components (30 000 bottles)


Le Château Pineraieis vinified in stainless steel tanks for 15 to 20 days.
The vatting time is long when the grapes are healthy and have been picked in good maturity. This allows for a higher and always controlled temperature of maceration in order to extract to best of the grapes. Le Château Pineraie, the main vintage of the domain, is aged in 12 to 18 months in new wood casks.
The casks are renewed every year by third, meaning we have casks of 3 different ages in order to get a well-integrated woody taste and the better balance woody-wine we wish to obtain (150 000 bottles).
The main differnce with the Malbec wine are the grape varieties and the soil.


L'Authentique du Château Pineraie. The grapes are hand picked and hand sorted in order to be vinified into a wooden tank. The vatting time ranges from 20 to 30 days. this wine is vinified into oak casks for 18 months, 80% of those are new (20 000 bottles).




Watering : Technical Term that means take the must (unfermenting grape juice) from the bottom of the tank to water the grapes on the top of the tank


Cap : In the fermentation all the solid parts of the grapes get up to the surface of the tank (skin, grape seed, etc). This makes the cap.


Polyphenols : The most important substances in Oenology. This substance gives to the wines its colours and a lot of his taste. The main polyphenols are the anthocyans and the tannins


Cooling apparatus : Stainless steel cooling-coil. Cool or hot water flows inside it according to needs


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